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We have had collared doves come into the garden and breakfast on the bird table for several years. They coo when there is no food to be found and keep cooing until some food is provided. We have both loud and cheeky birds in our area!

Recently, we have had a pair of wild woodpigeons flutter down and eat from the bird table. Their cooing, at times, is similar to the smaller doves and so the first time that I found one on the bird table it flew off with such a noise from its wings I jumped nearly out of my skin. For the first few seconds I wondered what on earth this large bird was then realised that it was a woodpigeon. It flew low and skirted the top of the fence almost skimming it in its hurry to leave the garden ... but it has come back several times and today was joined by its mate. Two more mouths to feed - they seem happy feeding off the assorted wild bird food mixture that I scatter over the table's floor.

(Woodpigeons grow to approximately 42cm in length - they usually lay two eggs - the young remain as nestlings for a full five weeks. The woodpigeon has between one and three broods of chicks each year. The young are fed with fluid produced from crop (a sort of would-be milk), both parents are able to provide this for their young. They have a lovely eight note calling song that goes something like this "Coo-ooo-ooo-ooooo-coo-ooo-ooo-ooooo." The collared dove is much smaller than the woodpigeon at usually just under 30cm in length - they also lay two eggs - the young baby chicks are able to fly and leave the nest after only three weeks. This short period allows collared doves to have up to five broods of chicks each year. Their call is more structured and is something like this "Coo-cooo-coo ... coo-cooo-coo ... coo-cooo-coo ... coo-cooo-coo.")

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I like hearing the raindoves coo when it is going to rain!