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Indoor suntan

Like most of the intelligent world I have concerns on the environment and so changed all of the light bulbs inside the home to 'energy efficient' ones.

Today, whilst watching the news on the television my ears pricked up as they began to discuss energy efficient light bulbs and the 'dangers' that they pose ... I should have know better - as the more I listened, the more I realised that someone was trying to use 'scare tactics.'

Apparently, dangers allegedly do occur but only if you sit within one foot to eighteen inches of a 'spiral type,' energy light bulb for one hour or more every day. This is the distance that the UV rays apparently travel. To most people this would probably mean sitting either under a reading lamp or table lamp. If any bulbs that may be in your home are ones that are used for very close work then it may be advisable to change them over to the other variety as they contain an extra layer for safety and look like the traditional old style light bulb.

Are the energy efficient ones worth changing over to? Well yes they are for not only are you doing your bit to help with the environment of the planet you are also decreasing the cost of your electric bills ... they are so much cheaper to run. For those in hot countries - using the energy efficient bulbs also helps to reduce the need for air conditioning as they do not produce the heat of standard light bulbs!


Anonymous said...

The media has an awful lot to answer for with all the scare-mongering they do. Yes if you read the whole report they usually do have the details, but the headlines are almost always distorted to make them more attention grabbing. I saw that report too, and we do have almost all energy efficient bulbs, so I read more and, like you, saw that few people will be affected.

Lux said...

This is good to know - thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

We replaced all of our light bulbs with the energy efficient ones.

But none are as close as what this report states they need be to do harm.

But I had not heard this. Thanks for the share.

LizzyT said...

Thanks for sharing that. We use these kind of bulbs throughout our house. I am going to check whether one is used in my daughter's room for her nightlight.

Liz said...

thanks for letting us know. we also use spiral bulbs and they're installed in ceilings, so it's safe, whew.