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Six, sixth ... in fact all the sixes

What is happening with the media lately ... stop and listen and hear how many, in the world of television and radio can no longer pronounce any word that is connected to 'six.' What on earth am I talking about you may be saying under your breath ... but it is true - we are now hearing people say "sick, sickty, sickth .. and so on" whereas they should be saying "sicks for six, sicksty for sixty and sicksth for sixth" ... and I think that it sucks when people in the public eye don't at least try and pronounce this wonderful word correctly.

See how many times that you hear it pronounced incorrectly ... if I could have a pound for every time that I have recently heard it said wrongly I would have a small mountain of coins by now!


~willow~ said...

i haven't noticed the "sixth" mispronunciation, but a pet peeve of mine nowadays is hearing people say "let me axe you a question". Bleeaah.

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about this little word too. At one time a very small percentage of people but the 'k' before the 's' ... usually pre-school children - perhaps those that do now have played truant one time to many!!

Jackie said...

Hi Polly,
Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a wonderful comment.

I missed this article. And yes I am sick of it.

As of late when I do watch t.v. I am searching out old movies!!

I am fed up!!

Ewwww....love your gardens:-)))

Carnation said...

yeah just like fish, fich, fisz, what else?

Allena said...

hi polly... i like your cat :)... dropping by! tc!