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This year I have been rewarded once more with my cactus. Traditionally these are often called Christmas cactus. Mine, this specimen, has flowered all through the year with just a few small rest periods. This was achieved by observing that the plant flowers after a small drought period. I feed and water it well whilst it is in flower then when all of the flowers die off – I allow the plant to rest. I leave it dormant without watering for four to six weeks. Once the soil is very dry I give the plant a good soaking with a small splash of plant food. Small buds then appear on the tops of the outer leaves. Once these are apparent then I feed and water well until the plant has finished its magnificent display of large bright flowers. Then I allow the plant to rest once again.

Christmas flowering cactus Christmas cactus flowering at Christmas

Cactus - flowering at Christmas Christmas cactus


Unknown said...

My father had a cactus like that. It was huge!

I came here to wish you a very happy new year.
I hope some of your dreams come true.

storybeader said...

thanks, I'll take your advice... if my plant will ever flower again. Maybe I'm trying too hard... after all, it IS a cactus!

♫Happy New Year♫ {:-Deb

Ann said...

I had one for years before I finally managed to kill it (I'm not so good with plants) Mine used to bloom twice a year. Once around Christmas and once around Easter. I'm tempted to get another one and try your method.
Happy New Year to you

Mrs Sweetwater said...

aahhhhh so thats how I get it to flower. you are a wonder Polly. when mines finally flowers I will put the pics up so you can see them.

Happy New Year My Friend and May this be a beautiful healthy year for us all.

christina said...

that's adorable! i want one.

WillOaks Studio said...

I never realized that cycle that you've described although I keep 4 different cacti here and currently, 2 are blooming...I need to tune in and see if I can get more blooms using your ideas! Happy New Year and thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

Christmas Cactus has always appeared to be so unique and truly a Christmas tradition :)

~Cheers to a new year and new chance to do it right~