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Any minute now . . .

Any minute now . . . This is a picture of my visitors to-date. My map is about to be archived. As I have never had this done before I wanted to retain a picture of where all of my visitors originated from as I have such a diverse amount from almost every corner of the world! Any minute now - the map on the left will change and my red spots will go . . . all but those who have visited me very recently. So thank you . . . every red spot is appreciated - if you can see any place on here that I have not had a visit from and you know someone on the Internet from that place, then please pass on my blog address to them so that I can reach more people. Between us may be we can cover my map in red. Could this be done? Would it be possible? I would like to think so.

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Hawksdomain said...

Looks like your blog request did some good - you may want to preserve your current map before it's wiped clean! ;)