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Cat's cream dream

It's the last day of June today - and this month is going out on a wonderfully, sunny day ... it's lovely to feel a warm breeze and see white fluffy clouds floating in the blue ... I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the cat - she wasn't lying near to the cat mint as since the plant has grown she has not spent so much time sniffing it. I'm not sure why, it smells the same to me but perhaps it is more pungent when the plant is young. She was obviously in the mood for a well earned rest ... cat's always seem to be in the need for a well earned rest ... and she is sound asleep in yet another little den she has found that looks quite comfortable and certainly cool.

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Awwww...how precious.

Thank you for being one of my TOP Droppers for the month of June!

Hope to hear from you more as time goes by. :-)

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