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Cat nap

On a hot, sunny day last week - the cat was looking about the garden for somewhere cool to lie. Eventually, she decided upon a muddy patch and curled herself up for one of her well earned cat-naps. Sometimes, because of her colouring, I find it difficult to see her in amongst the garden plants. Even though she stood out a little better on the soil - it still took a while to discover her hiding place. The patch must have had a little moisture in it as some of the soil was deposited onto her tail - imagine if the ground had been damper!
The cat's little snooze
Little note: for people who have wheezing and coughing attacks around cats (asthma, runny eyes and general irritations) - it is the cat's saliva (the general grooming by licking action) that often causes these reactions. To aid such problems - take a clean cloth, rinse it in clean water and gently wipe over your cat from nose to tail. This may need to be repeated on a daily basis to help alleviate symptoms . . . I hope that you have a very patient cat!


Kikey said...

my host family also have cats, but the cats only stay inside the house, never go outside..


What a cute cat! Looks so peaceful! We have a foster cat that looks very similar.

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Your cat looks just like my Spunky Doodle. Mine is strictly an indoor cat now though.