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Firefox 3

If you want to speed up your action in the Internet it is well worth considering downloading Firefox 3. It is magnificent and operates at a much faster speed than the previous Firefox editions.

Click for Firefox download . . .

*Extra note: if your mouse has got a wheel/middle mouse button, it will give you a speedy feature. Why? The middle button or wheel (click on it) allows you to open up pages in a new tab.


Chuck said...

I've been considering returning to Firefox...IE keeps crashing on me. Got Vista. So everything is a little more of a challenge. Oh well. Such is life. *huggies* (a/k/a Rhonda)

Anonymous said...

got it and like it..:))


I love firefox but am computer illiterate so am going to ask my husband about this. Thanks for the tip!

Khaizee said...

yes, firefox is the best browser. Recommended to be used while you surfing. Smooth and easy to use. tq :)


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