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Sweet Home Blogger Award - Special thank you to Maitri

June must be my lucky month as I have received a second blog award the 'Sweet home blogger Award!' which was very kindly bestowed upon me by Maitri at
Magic & Moments at Dragonfly Cottage So thank you Maitri for this award. It is customary with this particular award to pass it on to between one and five other blogs that stand out and on this occasion I have chosen two special blogs. The first is:

MamaFlo's Place

MamaFlo's is a blog that I visit every day and she delights me with something different and original on every single instance. Please take a look for yourselves, you won't be disappointed.

The second blog that I have chosen is:

Backcounter Buffet

I think that this blog has some lovely factual and interesting posts so please take a look and you'll discover a fresh and interesting place to visit.

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julia said...

Thank you for you kind and generous award! I will post it on my blog and greatly appreciate your support!!