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English language overhaul

There is currently talk about the biggest overhaul of the English language in our history. Many academics are aghast at the thought of scrapping silent letters and making words that are all pronounced the same for the first time ever being spelt the same.

English is a successful language because of its adaptability. It is constantly changing and growing and what a few years ago was considered poor education today is incorporated into the current dictionaries. Words like 'all right' can now be used as 'alright.'

This latest gem however is much more radical as it is being suggested that many words will be spelt differently.

If the English language reformists are genuine about this overhaul then surely it would make sense for the whole of the English speaking world to be included. Perhaps it is time for English to be unified so that, no matter which country we live in the language would truly be universal!

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Lydia said...

Hm. Reminds me of 1984's system of language, newspeak, if you ask me..