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Post Pod

A large proportion of a huge pod of dolphins perished in Cornwall yesterday. When dolphins are in trouble they sound off distress signals which ironically calls out to their fellow pod members who then swim towards the sounds to try and help. Around 23 died in total and rescuers frantically tried to save the stranded animals and return them to deeper waters as they spluttered and suffocated, appearing to be badly dehydrated. Eventually, the rescuers placed a couple of the dolphins on stretchers and swam along side them ... this lead to the remaining members of the pod to follow which saved around 60 of these beautiful mammals. As yet, there has been no explanation found as to what made the dolphins swim so far off their course and what led to their deaths.


Solomon said...

I saw in the news about them. It's good to know that more deaths were averted.


That is so sad! I wonder what happened.

wyche128 said...

That is sad