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Split nail - cracked nail

As a young child, I can remember seeing adults with finger nails that had vertical cracks creeping down them ... not quite reaching the base or nail bed under the nail moon. A couple of years ago, whilst folding up some washing my thumb nail caught on an item of clothing which I snagged. I had the start of a vertical crack!

Every book I consulted advised rubbing either vegetable, nut oil or butter into the surface of the nail. Although I tried this, it didn't help. I carried on researching as the crack continued creeping downwards. Eventually, I did find a cure. It wasn't in any book but I discovered it quite by chance ...

the solution and cure was a supplement called Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, known as MSM for short. MSM is a sulphur compound, widely taken in its aiding in the rebuilding of cartilage within the joints. It has several useful side effects ... firstly, it strengthens nails and encourages natural growth (this part cured my nail crack) ... secondly, it is a useful aid for people that have sore or sensitive scalps.

MSM is usually available in tablets of 800mg from most health food and supplement stores.

Blue geranium

The common names for this flower is 'Meadow Crane's-bill' and 'Wood Crane's-bill' - the latter having the broader leaf ... my blue geranium is the broader leafed strain. Although classified as a wild flower it is very popular with gardeners as is has beautiful vivid flowers - flowering in June, July and August. It grows in medium sized clumps and is often placed in areas of the garden where the soil is poor but still produces an amazing display of bright flowers.

Little extra note: the robin has become lord of the bird table and was tucking in to some tasty pieces of Cox's Orange Pippin apples today ... carting little chunks of them away and on to a near by fruit tree!


Solomon said...

The blue Geranium is called (I think) Mrs Johnson.

Where does one buy the MSM from? It sounds like something my mother could use.

Ellen said...

I use Biotin for my nails and my nails grow strong and fast and I never have any problems with them cracking. I never get professional manicures. I just do it myself and it works just fine. Several years ago I got a professional manicure. It was wonderful but my nails started splitting after that. I had to deal with split nails for about 6 months and had very rarely ever had split nails. Then I got on Biotin and my nails are always in great condition.

Jane said...

I love these flowers - I have some in my garden! Nice blog!