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Baby fruit - Eden

We have had downpours the end of May and beginning of June and because of the rain my garden of Eden is now swelling with baby fruits! My Bramley apple trees are producing plumped up baby green apples swelling noticably every day along with the Conference and William baby pears. There are small furry fruits on my gooseberry bushes and bullet hard little currants on my redcurrant and blackcurrent bushes. My strawberries are gamboling all along my back fence and as you can see my raspberry cross (some people call these Logan berries some Tay berries) are bursting with green oblong fruits. So the rain has been (pardon the pun) fruitful.
Little note: years ago when children asked their parents "where did I come from?" the reply would be "we found you under a gooseberry bush!"



I love to see everything bloom and the fruit start to come out! I bet the animals love your yard! They love ours. We specifically planted berry and fruit trees and bushes so that the animals would have food all year round. Love seeing other peoples pictures too!thanks

Lydia said...

You're very, very lucky to have a successful garden. My family and I grow quite a few different things here in Florida, but to no great success.