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Doncaster Diamond

One of the most useful and true sayings I have ever heard was passed on to me many years ago. It is something that I have found to be a most precious piece of information and if everyone kept this knowledge ready but accessible, in a corner of their mind, they would be blessed with the most rewarding, valuable and everlasting jewel that they could ever own.

The saying is simply:

    • ‘Think on.’

So before taking action; before making a statement; before expressing an opinion; before giving yourself to a new belief, etc, always take care to look at the pros and cons of your actions. It is simple advice but it will save you time and time again. It is advice that will make you rich in many ways.

As Doncaster is a town in South Yorkshire, it may well have started off as ‘Think on, lad!’ or ‘Think on, lass!’ … perhaps – but never forget it, it is the Doncaster Diamond that will make you a far better person than you could ever imagine. It will also save you from getting embroiled into situations that will cause you grief!

Doncaster Diamond

Sometimes, people who say the least posses the most wisdom!

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