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Ice Plant, Houseleek Plant or English Aloe Vera

This is proving to be an exceptional year both for wildlife and unexpectedly for plants. I have waited a little over ten years for this particular plant to flower and it hasn’t disappointed. Its blooms extend far greater than I have ever seen any other Ice or Houseleek plant flower. It is claimed that if by chance you can establish one of these plants to grow on the roof of a house it will protect the occupants from bad luck.

The juice from one of the leaves of the plant are claimed to rid a person of warts when applied topically. Much as Aloe Vera is used the leaf of the Ice Plant or Houseleek may be applied to relieve burns (if the burn is minor and also fresh). They are also claimed to alleviate mouth ulcers and have been used in many folklore recipes for hundreds of years. I think they are exceedingly pretty, a beautiful fairytale plant that is easy to grow and worthy of a spot in any garden. I’m not sure whether I would grow some on the roof but who knows it’s worth a try as we all need a little good luck from time to time.

Ice plant - Houseleek - in full flower

Close picture of Ice plant also known as Houseleek

Ice plant - houseleek in flower

Ice plant - Houseleek by pond

Ice plant - Houseleek in full flower

Ice Plant, Houseleek sometimes referred to as English Aloe Vera, Live Forever Plant, Hens and Chicks and The Old-Man-and-Woman Plant (Sempervivum). It is a succulent.

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