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The skin is our second mouth

When I was a young girl it was always claimed that skin was waterproof. In fact, this is dependent upon the size of the molecules that make up the substances that we put onto our skin. If the molecules are small then they can enter the tiny perforations called pores that cover the whole of our bodies.

All kinds of substances have been found in the tissues of the body that have never entered through the mouth. The only way that they could have made their way into the glands, muscles and organs is to have penetrated the outer layer of skin (epidermis).

How do we know what soaps, shampoos, creams, lotions, cosmetics, etc are safe for us to use? The answer to that is quite simply – we don’t!

The safest way forward is to ‘never use or put anything onto our skins that we would not put into our mouths!’

This sounds daunting but there are many things that are natural, cheap and better replacements and over time should help to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Oils make good face cleansers. Coconut oil is known for its ability to kill off bad bacteria both externally (on the skin and scalp) and internally where it also helps to destroy Candida (yeast infections). Olive oil can cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate if added to a little salt, act as a lip balm, used as a bath oil, a hair tonic, conditioner, root and hair shaft strengthener. Almond oil which is probably the best oil for being least greasy can be used as a general face and body moisturiser, make-up remover, hand and nail beautifier, hair conditioner, makes lips soft and youthful.

Look at bottles, tubes, tubs, make-up and everything that you use on your face and body. Are you able to identify all of the ingredients and what is more are these chemicals something that you would choose to put into your mouth? If the answer to this is no then may be it’s time to start changing your daily routine. Start by one change at a time .. and always remember ‘The skin is our second mouth – whatever we put onto it goes into our bodies!’

Human sweat pores -magnified 

Human sweat pores

Human skin pores are part of the largest organ in the body, the skin (the pores comprise of eight small holes in a circle)


Miss Pamb said...

Hi Polly, When I saw your post I had to comment. I've been using Yardley London's soap for a while. Right now I am using a limited edition version that smells fantastic. It is Honey Vanilla Creme. I bought up a couple of dozen bars to have when I can no longer find it in the stores.

I looked the company up online and, although it was established in 1770, it has been sold to another person. I hope they continue to make the soap like it has always been made. Do they still sell it in the UK?

I've used Yardley off and on for years and love the Old English Lavender soap. I don't know what you think about commercial soap but I hope you approve of the Yardley bath bars. I pretend I smell like an English lady when I bathe in it.

Unknown said...

Hi Pam, Life is full of coincidences. When I was young my Grandma bought me Yardley's English Lavender in soap, perfume and talcum powder. Another family favourite was Yardley's Freesia which was both gentle sweet and rather like an expensive flower garden. Lastly, at Christmas a most lovely elderly lady bought me Yardley's Ashes of Roses.

Somehow,and for some reason Yardley appears to have abandoned many of the traditional products and fragrances that they once ruled supreme with. They now have ones such as Peony - very sickly and artificial compared to Freesia. They also have a Daisy one which my nose didn't like one little bit.

I usually have to check out the ingredients nowadays as I try to avoid any soap with grains or grain oils in - it's more of a precautionary thing.

I have always loved the freshness of the English Lavender smell - the plant is getting harder and harder to find for the garden. I find many lavender smells nowadays tend to smell more like floor polish rather than the sweet scent of a maiden bathing in the morning dew! Lol!