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Branching out

The other day I decided to go on a stroll that I hadn’t been on for several years. It’s amazing how hedgerows alter in time. Even some of the pathways that were once familiar to me had become overgrown in places. Others had been changed beyond recognition – either chopped right back or with new wooden bridges and gates added. My little walk became somewhat of a mystery tour as I wondered at my surroundings.

At the top of one of the more hilly pathways I came across some wild apple trees (Crabb apples). These were unusual in the fact that the apples on some of the branches were tiny being the size of cherries, whilst on other branches they were more or less full grown. Although not all apples grow at the same pace I have never seen apples on the same tree with such a wide difference in size until now.

Two sizes of Crabb apples on the same tree 

Crabb apple tree

Wild Crabb apple tree

Two sizes of Crabb apples on the same tree

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Rose said...

That's really interesting. I love that you were aware enough of your surroundings to notice that. Although it might be a little late in the year for crabapples where I live, I'm definitely going to do some looking around and see if I can find different size crabapples on another tree. Perhaps they've always been that way, and I've just never noticed it.

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