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What a laugh

One bird I especially wanted to see on my visit to Birdland was the Kookaburra also known as The Laughing Jackass. It’s a member of the Kingfisher family and despite the placid looking stance is a carnivore eating insects, snakes, young birds and lizards. It will also raid farms.

It usually has a partner with which it lives - and lays pure white eggs. Besides its large bill it has a dark slash through its eye and a white ‘dog’ collar around its neck. It lives in the South Western Australia with some birds in Eastern Australia.

It is thought of as the bushman’s cockerel being a live, loud alarm clock.

Kookaburra aka Laughing Jackass - belongs to the Kingfisher family - carnivorous


Why, my fondness for this particular bird … well perhaps it’s because its voice was used on the soundtracks of so many films of years ago and especially a television programme that I used to enjoy – Whiplash! Although this was an old series I must confess I enjoyed the scenery especially the Aborigines (I find their ancient history and knowledge truly wonderful) and not forgetting the intriguing hot ‘plopping’ mud.

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