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Campanula – saviour of the rugged patch

If someone asked my why I like Campanula – I probably would struggle to reply. When you peer closely at it - a lovely blue, star flower with clean cut pointed petals looks straight back at you. It’s leaves resemble those of the wild violet but are not as shiny. There is no scent to speak of but this is one of the most robust little plants you can have in your garden. This variety is usually known as ‘Common Campanula’ and is small and rambling by nature. It loves to self-seed itself into every nook and cranny that has just a pinch of soil and so it is ideal for planting in areas of the garden that are usually stubbornly barren. It will comfortably make itself at home. Whether it is on the flat or near to a wall it will do its utmost to cover every winkle of space.

At the end of the flowering season – pull off the long tendrils of flower branches and new growth will spurt ready for a fresh supply of flowers.


Common Campanula

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