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West Midland's Safari Park

There is no way I could ever explain the feeling of excitement that welled up from somewhere deep within when it was first announced that a new concept was being tried out to display wild animals in natural surroundings. Up until then the only place such animals could be seen was either at the cinema, on television or in a zoo. Although, in some instances, zoos are what could be described as a necessary evil as they are the ultimate ark of the animal kingdom. Most zoos sadly show man up for thinking that it is all right to keep creatures in tiny confined spaces, no matter how large or energetic the species.

So … the Safari Park was born. Although, animals are best left in the wild if we do have to keep them in captivity at least they have more room in a Safari Park. I have paid several visits over the years to West Midlands Safari Park and each time is different from the last. This time I took my camera in the hope of getting a few unusual or at least, hopefully, some good pictures of the animals that reside there.

We were greeted by a young male giraffe standing majestically on a slight rise in the distance …

Male giraffe - in the distance

Small group of albino wallaby

Group of Albino wallaby


Reindeer close-up

A few reindeer wander around the white wallaby enclosure …

We moved on and into the ‘White Wallabies’ or Albino Wallaby enclosure. These beautiful pink-eyed small animals share their paddock with Reindeer. The one pictured above was so tame that he lightly plodded over to the window of the car … (I couldn’t see any sign of Santa Claus, however!)

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