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Swan on her nest

Quite a few years ago, whilst out on a Sunday afternoon walk in early Summer we headed for one of the many large ponds in the area. This one was at the end of a long winding stream which fed another smaller pond before it finally reached its end flowing into a beautiful old, established pond that was untouched and tousled with plants dipping into it and scatterings of duck weed.

We had taken the camera which was quite fortunate as there behind a mass of small trees, bushes and waist high grasses we came across a swan’s nest. The nest was piled high with small sticks and rose well above the water line … it must have taken a very long time to build it. It was very neat with the pen sitting on top. Her gallant partner, the cob was swimming not far away dipping his beak down into the murky depths to pull out his supper.

Swan on her nest

A very old photograph of a swan on her nest


Mhar's Display said...

The swan is very lovely and white on her nest. Made me think of the photo we took at the zoo last month.


Shinade aka Jackie said...

That is exactly we hope to build in our pond hopefully before next spring.

Right now they have a temporary float they move too when the predators come in. But, it is made of wood and they won;t be able to nest there.

We have been searching for swans too. But, haven't been successful in finding any for sale.

It's difficult to find any geese. Almost everyone that was breeding has quit do to our over population of mountain lions and bobcats.

Nobody can keep their fowl alive long enough to profit.

I love the picture Polly and I am so excited about being on your blog today.

I am curious though. Which one of my avatars do you find more appealing and interesting?

I changed back to my old one but today this one is at several spots and I am getting a lot of hits.

I love your picture. It's very lovely!

askcherlock said...

It is a breath-taking photo.

heidi said...

Exquisite! I have never seen such a thing.

Grampy said...

Very old photo. But also very beautiful one. The swan is very graceful. I also love to watch them lazily swimming.

John | English Wilderness said...

The nest looks amazing. It must have taken days to build.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I've done it now Polly. that's right I have 2 awards for you and your wonderful blog.


Please excuse my misspell on the word French. I am coming down with a cold. I just hope it's not the flu.

I hope you have a great day and I am so excited to be here on your blog today!!

Happy evening over on the other side of the big pond!!:-)

Anonymous said...

A very good and rare find! Lucky for you to have seen her in her nest. Beautiful. :)