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As soon as ordinary people learned how to read and write so the fashion of the testament first came to be. A testament is a letter, note or journal that is written to another in an appreciation of all that they have been granted in life. It was a way for a person without any means of their own to leave, perhaps the most wealthiest gift of all to another – their thoughts and feelings written down – a message from the heart of one human being to another. In time, this practise was almost lost as people began to leave wills which included testaments – thus: ‘my last will and testament.’

Thankfully they have established a new popularity as more and more people are penning down their precious thoughts. Words that are written in life to be read at one’s death thanking anyone they choose and meaning so very much to those who are left behind.

If choosing a letter or note format, then it is usual to place the finished paper into a sealed envelope and add the date in one of the corners. Thus further testaments may be added if and when desired.

testament copy

‘Sample of how simple testaments of love and thanks were once written’ 

Troops are often asked to compose ‘goodbye’ letters to their wives, sweethearts, and parents before going into battle … perhaps we all should consider giving this some thought – after all it costs nothing but our time and if we love someone surely - time is a little price to pay.


Grampy said...

You are right. That is so true.
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Grampy said...

Glad you liked the Goops. I will run them again this week.