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X Factor

What ever has happened to the ‘X Factor’ programme? It came back to our screens in a new format today and what did we get … view after view after view after view of the ‘judges’ making faces! Has no-one told them firstly that it’s rude to screw up your face and make unkind gestures with your mouth? Not to mention ‘IT IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT.’

Gone are the innocent simple auditions. Gone is the entertainment factor. Gone is the chance for the viewing audience to have a chance of making up their own minds on varying degrees of talent. Instead we are being bombarded with mouth curls, screwed up noses and a multitude of frowns and raised eyebrows. Lets lose this particular factor or are the audience supposed to be judging which of the judges pull the worst face on the night??

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Lady Banana said...

I also preferred it as it was, in a plain room, no audience and no music.. just a simple audition.

Emm said...

Yup - it has gone from being my favourite show to me not noticing it had ended on Saturday. Hate the new format.