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Loudest Lady and Gentleman

Of all the birds I have ever heard this one I think must be the loudest! I’m not sure how many decibels its squawk actually registers but it rang through my head. May be it was because I had a red dress on. Birds, after all, can see colours.

Take a look at this macaw – have you ever seen one like it? Have you ever heard one of these squawking? Do you know of any birds that sound louder?

very loud macaws

Green and red - very loud macaws

Green and red … very, very loud macaws!


Grampy said...

I believe that you are right. Those are the loudest one's I have ever heard.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

McCaws are beautiful birds and LOUD! Lorikeets are smaller but also very pretty and make a high-pitched noise. We see them at the Cleveland Zoo.

Auntie E said...

Aren't they fun to visit? the loud one can stay where they are. We have a parakeet who likes to be loud sometimes.

Maitri said...

Hey honey, as a longtime parrot rescuer, who had a non-profit shelter for several years with 100 parrots in my care, I can pretty well tell you that that is not a macaw. Those are cherry head conures and they are gorgeous and yes LOUD. I have 2 miniature macaws that I rescued and I have 3 conures. You can tell even the mini macaws because they don't just have white around the eyes, the white patch goes from eye to eye straight across their nose. Unless there's something I can't see in these photos, I'm fairly certain that those are cherry head conures! :0)


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