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Garden Ox-Eye daisy

As gardens have evolved over the generations it has become apparent that there is one flower that should be added to a cottage garden border. It is the daisy. The most usual addition is the common garden ox-eye daisy. These are usually positioned at the back of the garden patch as they have a tendency to be slightly unruly in structure. The average flower balances on a long, fairly slender, but tough stem and although we like to think of them being upright and on duty like a soldier, this is rarely the case. The stems have a waywardness which means that many of them will support themselves partially along the ground or casually leaning against a fence or barrier. Some even prop themselves up against neighbouring bushes. They are wonderful when the flowers are fresh and new and it is claimed that when you look into the eye of a daisy it smiles back at you.

Garden Ox-Eye Daisy

Garden Ox-Eye Daisy - side view 

Garden Ox-Eye Daisy

This particular specimen was purchased at a local supermarket – currently it appears to be a dwarf variety … I shall wait until next year to see if it remains at its current height or whether it will grow to the usual 24 to 36 inches!

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B Boys Mom said...

I love daisy's they are so cheery. I have daisy's in my garden and black eyed Susans are another fav of mine.