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Garden pond

The other day whilst looking through some old photographs I came across one of our original pond. This was the very first pond we had in our garden … and if it can be said that you are able to fall in love with something that cannot give you love in return then perhaps ‘I fell in love with my garden pond.’ I found it to be beautiful, interesting and absorbing. It was also tranquil and when in its company I was lost in a magical world where dragonflies hovered, water boatmen lightly flitted across its surface, frogs croaked, birds twittered, fish twirled dipping down into the darkness and blowing bubbles that trickled like laughter.

We had decided to place a small amount of duckweed to grow in it so that there would be shade for the fish when the sun became torturously hot (not often in England but it was best to be prepared so that the fish would be safe).

Garden Pond 

Garden Pond

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Stacie said...

The pond is gorgeous! I would love to someday have one in my yard.