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Ladybird larvae

Ladybirds are often held with much affection as they are usually the first experience a young child has with close contact to a wild creature. Placing a finger against a leaf or a branch and encouraging the small beetle to climb onto it and then circumnavigate a little arm is a thrill to most children.

Here is a picture of a ladybird that has just crawled out of its larvae stage. Sadly I wasn’t able to take a picture of the delightful little wingless creature (one of the early stages of life of a ladybird) with a fairly long pointed tail, six legs and a few red/orange spots on its back. I remember being quite intrigued to find out that ladybirds like butterflies have several stages of life before evolving into a beetle.

Ladybird just after it has come out of the lava stage

A very young ladybird

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

You call them ladybirds? Over here we call them ladybugs. I happen to love them.

You got a great picture Polly!! Good for you!!

Happy day I am most likely having another all night long session as the faster of my 2 satellites refuses to function properly!!:-)